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Company Value
Company Value

This value encourages each employee within Clipan Finance to act consistently as regards intention, words and actions, in line with the prevailing regulations, rules, and professional code of ethics stipulated by the Company as well as other regulators, and upholding the principle of truth.

This value motivates employees to be competent in their fields and strive for self-development. Working effectively and efficiently to yield the best results and provide added value for the Company and its business partners.

This value triggers employees to always develop themselves and formulate new and positive ideas for collective development. The Company is always open to new positive thoughts and ideas from its staff, and reviews and studies these ideas to make them applicable and provide added value to the Company and all the employees.

Customer Satisfaction
As a financing company, customer satisfaction arising from an honest and open relationship made with trust and mutual respect is a critical value that is continuously inculcated by the Company in the mind of its employees.

At Glance
At Glance
PT. Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk, was established in 1982. Clipan Finance is the first finance company to be listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1990
Clipan News
Board of Directors of the Company hereby announce the Shareholders that the Company will hold Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders ("GMS")
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Customer Care
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