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GMS Provisions
GMS Provisions


In view of the current conditions and in order to support the Government to overcome the spread of COVID-19, the Meeting participants who will attend the invitation physically, to comply with government regulations and the organizer of the Meeting.

  1. Grant of Authority
    1. Electronically Grant of Authority
      The Company appeals to the Shareholders that was registered in the Collective Custody of PT Custodian
      Sentral Efek Indonesia ("KSEI") to grant their authority electronically ("e-proxy") to:
      1. Independent Proxies, a representative appointed by the Company’s Securities Administration Bureau (PT Raya Saham Registra) in eASY.KSEI facility which is available on KSEI’s website (
      2. The Proxy that appointed by the Shareholders, to the extent that the Proxy has been registered in eASY.KSEI facility.
        The electronic grant of authority / e-Proxy must be comply with the procedures, terms and conditions established by KSEI and the Company.
    2. Non-Electronically Grant of Authority
      Non-Electronically grant of authority/outside the eASY.KSEI application facility, it can be done by:
      1. Download a Power of Attorney which can be accessed through the Company’s website : Power to Attorney
      2. Representative Shareholders in the form of legal entities ("Legal Entity Shareholders") must submit from a photocopy of the applicable Articles of Association and the appointment documents of the members / executive officers

  2. Protocol to Prevent Spread of Heavy Pneumonia (Corona/COVID-19)
    The Company shall ensure the safe, comfort, and safety of the Company’s Shareholders by take the following measures:
    1. Minimize the number of guests invited to attend the Meeting, to ensure sufficient room for social distancing, in accordance with WHO’s technical guidance.
    2. The officers will measure body tempature of the Shareholders and/or invitees attending the Meeting.
      If the Shareholders and/or invitees have body temperature above 37.50C, suggested to leave the venue of the Meeting.
    3. In order to ensure the Shareholders has the opportunity to have their rights, namely attend and vote in the Meeting, then the Company will provide Proxy Form that can be fulfilled before the Shareholders, left the venue of the Meeting.
    4. Provide sufficient hand sanitizers around the venue and in the Meeting room.
    5. Distribute a face mask to the Shareholders and/or invitees attending the Meeting.
      The Shareholders and/or invitees are expected to wear the face mask during the Meeting.
    6. Ensure sufficient distance, namely 1 meter at the queue line and seat for the Shareholders and/or invitees.
    7. Appeal to the Shareholders and/or invitees to avoid hand-shaking with direct skin contact.

  3. With the announcement of the Agenda, Code of Conduct, Notification, Invitation of AGMS, and Annual Report for the financial year 2019 on the Company’s website, in accordance to with the conditions related to COVID-19, the meeting will be held as efficiently as possible and continue to follow the health protocols of the Government

  4. The government or the authorized authorities may at any time issue a policy prohibiting the implementation of the Meeting or the prohibition of the Shareholders of the Company to be directly attend the Meeting prior to or on the designated day of implementation, and this matter is entirely outside the responsibility and authority of the Company


Jakarta, June 04, 2020
PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk
Board of Directors


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