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Guidelines Ethics & Conduct
Guidelines Ethics & Conduct

The Corporate Ethics code and Corporate Conduct is a set of commitments consisting of Clipan business ethics and work ethics of Clipan Employees that are structured to influence, shape, organize and conduct behavioral conformity so as to achieve consistent outputs that conform to Clipan's values and culture in achieving vision and his mission.

The Company Code of Conduct and Ethics applies to all individuals acting on behalf of Clipan as well as all Stakeholders conducting business transactions with Clipan.

Clipan continues to encourage compliance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct and is committed to implementing it, and requires all leaders of all levels within the Company to be responsible for ensuring that the Code of Conduct is properly adhered to and adhered to in their respective ranks. As a form of commitment, the Company's Code of Ethics and Conduct must be signed annually by all Clipan Employees, whether members of the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, Committee Members or any individual Clipan employees placed in Head Office, Business Unit, Project and other personnel acting on behalf of Clipan.

The Company's Code of Ethics and Conduct includes:
⚫ Compliance with both Internal and Internal Rules and Regulations.
⚫ The Company's Relationships with the Government and Community in which the Company operates.
⚫ Relationship between Employees with Other Persons, Employees with Companies, and Employee Relations.

The Code of Ethics and Corporate Conduct is constantly adapted to Clipan's legal, social, normative, regulatory and business jouney.

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At Glance
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