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Basic Principles
Basic Principles

The implementation of Good Corporate Governance is the basis for the establishment of the Company's system, structure, and culture that are able to adapt to changes in increasingly competitive and dynamically business environment globally.

Clipan Finance recognizes the importance of implementing effective GCG in every Company activity and profession of Clipan Finance human being. Implementation of GCG practice is not only as a fulfillment of obligations, but has become needs in running its business activities. The five principles underlying the implementation of GCG are: transparency, accountability, responsibility,independence, and fairness that described as follows:

To maintain objectivity in running its business, the Company provides material and relevant information in a way that is easily accessible and understood by the stakeholders. The Company takes the initiative to express not only the issues that required by legislation, but also important items to assist the decision-making process by the Shareholders and other stakeholders.

The Company accountable for its performance in a transparent and fair. Therefore, the Company seeks to carry out the management of the company in a true, measurable and in accordance with the Company's interests by considering the interest of the Shareholders and other stakeholders. Accountability is a necessary precondition for achieving sustainable performance.

The Company adheres to the legislation and carries out its responsibility towards society and the environment. The Company hopes to be able to maintain the business sustainability in the long term and to be recognized as a good corporate citizen.

In implementing the GCG principles, the Company manages the company independently. Each Company's Organ does not dominate and can not be intervened by other parties.

Fairness And Equity
The Company continues to consider the interests of the Shareholders and other stakeholders in making any decision. This is carried out based on the principles of fairness and equality

At Glance
At Glance
PT. Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk, was established in 1982. Clipan Finance is the first finance company to be listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1990
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