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Whistle Blowing
Whistle Blowing

The Company provides a communication facilities to internal and external parties to submit reports or information regarding alleged infringement or fraud against Company Regulations, Code of Conduct and Ethics, Conflict of Interest or other legislation conducted by employees and management of the Company. The Company guarantees the secrecy of the complainant.

The communication facilities are:

Whistle Blowing Committee
PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk
Wisma Slipi 6th floor
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav.12
Jakarta 11480

SMS dan WA

Reporting Site

Supervision of the Whistle Blowing implementation is under the responsibility of the Whistle Blowing Committee comprising the Compliance Officer as Chair and HRD and Internal Auditor as members.

At Glance
At Glance
PT. Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk, was established in 1982. Clipan Finance is the first finance company to be listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 1990
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